Hiljaa hyv√§ tulee | Good things come to those who wait

Things are coming along well with the renovation of the house. I’m happy to report that we found an architect who is willing to take on this big project. Ilpo Vuorela comes well recommended, and has years of experience renovating historic homes. He’ll be with us from start to finish, and we are thrilled that he is in for the job. Weldon knew as soon as Ilpo parked in from of the house and stepped out of his brown beater that he was the man for the job. ‘He has my hair!’ Weldon told me. Ilpo was the only architect who responded positively to our solicitation, but he was also the guy we had hoped for and had been recommended to us from the beginning, so it felt like another piece of the puzzle coming easily into place.

We’re in the first stage now, as Ilpo is measuring the entire house to create an accurate blueprint. We’ll meet this week with a lady from the Museum of Central Finland about what can and can’t be done with the house, since it is a protected property.

More to update later!