News 3-9-2014

  • Waiting for a quote on polishing the floors in the whole house
  • Meeting with a cleaning company on Friday for a quote
  • Half the windows are restored for the renovation section and will be reinstalled shortly. The house will be more secure and should be a bit warmer
  • The large, front windows in the renovation area will be taken out for restoration after the builder starts so that the openings can be secured with wood
  • The builder may stop by this week or next. We are trying to install a new lock on the side door so he does not bother tenants.
  • Until the builder finishes the new staircase he will have to use the main-building’s staircase to travel between the first and second floor

Maintenance report 2-9-2014

  • Change the lukko runko (lock mechanism) on the back door. It should no longer fail to close.
  • Hooked up the AEG Lavamat washing machine
  • Cleaned out the water leaking into the basement utility room
  • Cleaned the mould off the basement wall
  • Installed new shower head in the pesuhuone
  • Installed a new lock on the door to the second floor central bedroom facing the street